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Why Boddunan is not as popular as Quora even though, Boddunan was introduced much before Quora and has various options which are better than Quora ?

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Boddunan has various options 'better' than Quora, But in Quora, user interface is simple, focused only on answering people questions unlike here, where a random discussion on some trending topic happens.

Of course one can post his doubt also here but more often than not, but the posts are that of trending topics majorly. On the other hand, Quora is designed only to ask questions, give options to the Questioner as to from whom the answer could be requested by showing his credentials and past track record in that field. It gives options such as Upvote, pass on, follow people to get the answers they are writing. If an answer becomes outdated, it is removed, an answer is hidden if it does not get desired number of votes and thereby the page looks more relevant to people who search for answers.

Quora is a focused platform for answer seekers, one can find people actively answering rather than interacting by presenting his own knowledge, facts and presentation in a simple manner. In Boddunan, people interact, discuss & present their views, as such this is a much different platform in this regard.

Quora's page is vastly different from that of Boddunan. While Boddunan is bigger than Quora in terms of diversity, Quora is just focused on answering people queries, the kind of people who answer are different as they come from much relevant background of education or qualification which is not the case in case of Boddunan.

Here people who want to spend their time in a leisure manner by converting their hobby into some kind of profession enters. Some people look out for Bucks, some for recognition, some to make more friends and network, while other just to read or just to write as it is their penchant. Quora is just and just for posting questions and writing answers and as such only these 2 classes of people come, one who wants answers & other who responds to questions.

Boddunan is for bucks and hobbies, Quora is for answers.

arjun sai Nice answer but I guess Boddunan should have been doing better than quora because it was introduced nearly 10 years ago when there was no sign of quora. Now the huge revenue which is being generated by quora could have been for Boddunan but since quora is not Indian venture, the people are more obsessed with it. - arjun sai - 5 years ago
epraneeth77 I am not sure whether being an Indian or Western Venture lures people into creating an account and start using it. I definitely believe that Quora is a much more focused, modern & active community which does not work on payment basis, but on a service motive. Also it encourages quality and relevant responses. Hence it keeps getting more visitors & new users. - epraneeth77 - 5 years ago


Boddunan needs to be marketed and more people need to be made aware of it's existence and features.



Boddunan used to be quite popular a few years back especially for article writers. It had other wonderful active sections. Off late, the site has suspended many of it's sections and so the interest and activities on the site has reduced. It is high time to revive the site and bring it back to it's old fame.

arjun sai Hope so it happens soon - arjun sai - 5 years ago
anil Yes it is also reason, Admin suspend article option. In my opinion earning motivate a person to join and active on site. Earlier here profit sharing with members was a good means of earning, now it is not available so some members quite this site. - anil - 5 years ago

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