There are seven continents

1*Asia is the world’s largest continent. It is bigger than Europe and Africa put together. It is so wide that the sun rises almost 11 hours earlier in the east of the continent than it does in the west. Over half of the world’s people live in Asia. It includes more than 40 countries.


2*Africa is the second largest and warmest of the continents. The equator passes through it. Africa has more countries than any other continent, 54 altogether. The world’s largest desert Sahara is in Africa.

3*North America is the third largest Canada, United States if America (USA), Mexico, the Caribbean islands and Greenland are all parts of this continent.


4*South America is the world’s fourth largest continent. It has the world’s largest mountain chain- the Andes, passing through seven countries. There are 13 countries. The largest is Brazil covering nearly half of South America. The Amazon is the second longest river in the world (6448 km) but it has largest volume of water flowing in it.

5*Europe is the second smallest continent. It has 48 countries. This includes 3 per cent of Turkey and 25 percent of the Russian Federation. Russia is the largest country in the European part and the smallest is the Vatican City. It has ocean to the north, south and west. To the east, it borders the continent of Asia.


6*Australia is the world’s smallest and driest continent. It is a huge island about three fourth the size of Europe. It has 6 states. The Australian are sometimes referred to as 1Kangaroor’.

Australia with New Zealand, Tasmania, New Guinea and the Pacific islands is also called Australia of Oceania by some geographers.

7*Antarctica is the world’s fifth largest continent, which surrounds the South Pole. It contains 90 percent of the entire world’s ice and is the coldest, windiest place on the Earth. There are no permanent inhabitants. Only the visiting scientists and engineer live there research stations.




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