There is a notion that makes the rounds in society, sad but true that most think being gay means only to have sex and nothing else. This is a wrong notion and one which needs rectification at the earliest. A gay man is a human, sex is part and parcel of anyone's life, be it straight, gay, lesbian or even transgender for that matter.

Myths about same-sex relations

1. Same sex relationships are unnatural and should not be allowed

Isnt a relationship all about trust, love and bonding. If love is for all, why then are there labels promoted by hypocrites in society? Love knows no gender, orientation or class for that matter. And certainly love does not look at the genitals between one's legs. It is all about the bonding between two consenting adults of legal age. Society says it is unnatural, well homosexual relationships are found in all animal species, homophobia is only prevalent amongst humans, think about this.

2. Same-sex couples can never make good parents

It is about the moral upbringing of an individual which is passed down through generations, and not the gender opposites that make a couple good parents per se. History has shown homoseuxality to be prevalent through days of ancient, even in some of the mythological books and works it has been read and seen that homosexual couples have successfully raised kids. Straight couples too have issues bringing up children, some of them even commit homicide and incest or child sexual abuse. Can we then say, all straight couples have brought about incest and rape of kids in their home and society. No, this is an assumption and not right, just as one would assume and say gay couples are paedophiles and wouldnt raise their kids happily with morals and standards.

3. Same-Sex couples force their kids to have same-sex relationships

This is absolutely not true, since a child's orientation is not determined or influenced by the parents sexual identity. Kids grow up and on reaching puberty and realising their own sexual identities understand which path they have to follow. No one told a gay man to be gay when he grew up and no one asked a straight man to have children from a woman. Whoever has come up with such notions, seriosuly needs to get back to school and get their basics right.

4. Single gay men shouldnt be allowed to adopt

This is probably one of the saddest things that could ever happen. Firstly, because most gay men find it really tough to be accepted in a society full of fanatics. And secondly, there are many gay single men out there who really would and can nurture and raise kids, but arent allwoed to adopt. It is not necesary that a woman has to be around for a child to grow up morally well. There are so many cases where single fathers, irrespective of their orientation have raised young boys and girls all on their own. Some kids have gone ahead to graduate and earn scholarships, making a new life and helping out the soceity at large with the degrees they have earned.

There are many more myths that need to be shunned for good, only if we as adults learn to shed our inhibitions towards accepting the LGBTQI community as humans first. 

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