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2 years ago

Security this word had started to  favour into genders .this word is not a word but an action in a grammaticaly a verb. Its not a joke to be security guard of course but nowadays these had been a very traditional and culturable rules for boys to girls. In ous society no matters how we are rich or poor but which can't abort it that girls are considered to be a treasure that shouldbe secured by any males gaurd no matter how physically he is strong how older is he or he will have to go anywhere where his sister is going. He willbe her super gaurd but this way of making him insure to protect her is unexplainable because he is forgehis childhood that he could be a child in eyes of hers not  a bodyguard not anyone that have a burden of responsibility.  THis is also making her insecure and unprepared for those problem that will have to be face by her when no one will be there to advise to suggesr her and this is the reason of uprising the problem of social, mental illness of harassment but this is also a way of ignoring the strengh that a simple ordinary girl could have. That she is abke to fight for her own when no one is there when path is unpleasent rush and dark when a foot is following her to make her turn and not to move ahead, then most dangerous and powerful view she will have a girl is not a goddess but she is a human like her brother like her father and then she will says hlw mister come i am back to fight You believe me a wouth let you go this time and that man will take his feet back with a fear of lossing himself because of her. 




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