Ko Lanta

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Ko Lanta is located in Krabi Province, Thailand. This beach is located off the Andaman coast in the southern part of Thailand. For visiting Ko Lanta you have to travel for one hour from the Karbi airport by a speedboat. This Island is known for its beautiful white sand beaches, Local people live in stilt homes and as fishing villages.If you move toward southwards, the Island and the beaches become more secluded. According to Travel and Leisure it is categories as sexy and affordable destination. 

Things to Enjoy - You may take advantage of various activities such as Fishing, snorkeling, visiting Ko Lanta National Park, Elephant Riding, Long tail boating and Kayaking. 

Best time to Visit - You can plan your trip in between November and April.

The Phu Quoc Island

The Phu Quoc Island is located in the Gulf of Thailand, Vietnam. It is small and underdeveloped Islands. This Island is known for its beautiful, clean and unlettered benches. This Island is covered with dense and tropical forest. This Island is located nearer to Cambodia. This Island is covered with dense and tropical forest. This Island is located nearer to Cambodia. The long beach of Island is featured with various visitor resorts.Apart from long beaches there are smaller beaches to providing a sort of retreat to visitors. The motorcycle is used for visiting various part of the Island. The motorcycle is the only means of transport. 

Things to Enjoy - You may take advantage of body massage, enjoying various seafood, kayaking and driving. 

Best time to visit Island - Plan your trip in between November and March.



Salema is located in Algarve, Portugal. Salema is the small fishing village nestled between two popular steep cliffs. You have to take three hour journey from Lisbon to visit Salema. Visitors get stunned with picturesque beach. The beach village and provide a retreat to their tourists. A famous destination among visitors.The traditional white stucco dwellings are only street at this place. It is an open air market. There are few places that offer traditional and local finesse. 

Things to Enjoy - You may take advantage of Biking throughout the village, cliffs hiking, fishing and taking Sunbath on the beach, enjoying various seafood. 

Best time to visit - Plan your trip in May, June and October.

Lord Howe

Lord Howe Island is located in Unincorporated area New South wales, Australia. It is one of the beautiful Island in the great Pacific Ocean. You have to take a flight from Sydney or Brisbane for visiting the Lord Howe Island within a couple of hours. Many people do not know about the Lord Howe Island. That's why it is considered as " The Hidden Secret of the Australia". When you visit Island, you are amazed to see no mobile networks, rarely found any street lights, absence of public transport facility. As a visitor, you have to walk or prefer a cycle as a means of transport. The island has the capacity of 400 visitors at any given point of time. You are amazed to see stunning views of mountains and larger straps of coral reef lagoons. This Island is rich with 11 beautiful beaches. Some of them are Blinky beach, king's beach and Ned's beach.

Things to Enjoy - Feeding the kingfish by your hand, Watching beautiful birds, sport fishing, Scuba driving, snorkeling etc.

Best time to visit - Plan your trip in between September to June.

Bethany Beach

Bethany Beach is located in Sussex, Delaware, United State of America. It is pedestrian and eco- friendly cities in the United State of America. There is no existence of Bethany Beach without its beautiful and stunning beach. In terms of Travel and Leisure it is one of the most preferred family benches. The city offers seven miles of Atlantic Seafront and lots of activities for your kids. The best part of this beach is that it is less crowded as compared to other nearby cities. The beach featured with a tiny golf course, a beautiful carved totem pole and a boardwalk with a bandstand. 

Things to Enjoy - You can take advantages of playing golf, boating, fishing and swimming etc.

Best time to visit - Plan your trip in between May to September.

Image Source - Wiki Travel.

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